Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Sister Initiation and Sister Night!

Congrats to the lovely sophomore Melissa Felder, pledge class Fall 2013, for being initiated as a sister Monday night! In a beautiful and traditional ceremony, involving first letters and other rites of passage, Melissa and her big Laurel shared lots of happy, smiling moments. We are all so proud to have Melissa as part of our organization - her passion, intelligence, maturity, and kindness are unrivaled. The sisters have all enjoyed getting to know Melissa and anticipate several fantastic years of sisterhood with her. Melissa, who took pledging quite seriously and did an amazing job learning the history and traditions of the sorority, earned the award of Most Enthusiastic.

 Saturday night after CKA was "Sister Night", where all the sisters gather at the house for a low-key, sisters only PJ party. Olivia tried for her best grumpy face while other sisters played Magic The Gathering, ate grilled cheese, danced, and sang pop songs together to make for an evening of sister bonding and relaxation after a hard week of classes. Two alumni, Liane Colangelo and Candice Felice, also came back for "Sister Night" and participated in the party! Having active and fun alumni coming back to bond with sisters always makes for a good time.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Case Reopened Lighting Designer: Meghan Barrett

 Sophomore sister Meghan Barrett is excited to see her friend Jennie Conway's show go up this Thursday through Saturday! Case Reopened is the Fall 2013 VegSOUP (a student run production). The show was written and directed by Meghan's old suitemate, Jennie. The production team decided to rent an ETC Smartfade for the show, and used Fresnels, Parnels, and Altmans to create the desired effects for the scenes. Meghan, a brand new lighting designer, could not have been happier to have ADE Sister and Lighting Designer extraordinaire Rachel Prell on her side to help her figure out the terminology, coloring, etc. for the lights for the show.

Honestly, I don't know what I would have done without Rachel, Meghan gushed at rehearsal after finally getting the finicky board to work, I went over to her place this morning to go over the plot and the colors I was planning on using for the gels and a few things could have looked pretty ghastly without her help. I never would have thought to use pinks or ambers on my own, but they look a lot better than the yellow and gold I had originally planned.

Meghan spent over thirty hours in Brodie fussing with the new board and hanging lights before finally being happy, but the time was well worth it - the show looks great!

While this is Meghan’s first time designing lights, Meghan has been on the technical team in varying capacities for over twenty shows, including Cabaret, Peter Pan, The Mystery of Edwin Drood, Harvey, Beauty and the Beast, the Sound of Music, and also works for the technical theater shop. Meghan would like to thank Forrest Madison, Josh Karp, and Johnnie Ferrell for their help and support during the whole design process and would also like to thank all the sisters of ADE (especially Rachel Prell!) for their love and support during tech week/weekend. Meghan would like to extend an open invitation to everyone to come see the show and support their friends and fellow students!

UPDATE:  On the 20th of November, all the cast and crew had their pictures taken for the Bio Boards outside the theater. Each person had their own unique crime, too - What do you think? Is Meghan's fitting of a Lighting Designer?

Monday, November 18, 2013

Dodgeball for A.L.L.

Three ADE sisters participated in SDT and PhiKap Dodgeball for A.L.L. tournament this past Sunday afternoon (proceeds benefiting the Jacquie Hirsch For A.L.L. Foundation). Olivia Smith, Rachael Bradley, and Meghan Barrett joined several Kappa Sigmas and two super cool people not affiliated with any Greek organization to play in the tourney.

The team (named 'Balls Deep') played a successful first game against a team of SDT ladies, but lost in the second round to the Sig Tau boys. Still, the tourney was a great time and the team (clearly proud) celebrated with some post-game pictures. Overall, it was a fun way to raise money for charity and get to meet new Greeks!

Can't wait for the next one!

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Currently Known As Performance with Sarah!

Currently Known As, an amazing improv comedy troupe on campus, had a two-hour long and short form improv show yesterday night in Sturges Aud! The hard work of ADE sister Sarah Kohler and seven of her troupe members made an awesome show that had all the sisters and other audience members laughing all night long. Eight of the sisters came out to support Sarah at her show tonight.

The show included people dunking their heads in a trash can full of water, Sarah's hysterical goose impression, WWII documentary and Children's TV show versions of 'Hey, can I have some bar money?', and more. Laughter was abundant as the actors and actresses had to think quick on their feet, resulting in a few 'slip ups' (including an actual fall was almost as funny as the preceding lines since no one got hurt)! After the show, Sarah was radiant (exuberant even - look at that smile!) as she posed with her posse.
The improv show 'Who's Line Is It Anyway', and the actors Wayne Brady and Ryan Stiles, inspired me to pursue the art of improv comedy," Sarah told us at the end of the night. "I couldn't be happier that I did. The people are amazing and I've had such a great time over the years.
Sarah joined CKA in the Fall 2010, and has been an active member of the club ever since she joined. Sarah has performed in nine shows throughout her college career. As a senior this year, Sarah is enjoying some bittersweet moments with some of her favorite people. When asked about her favorite moment, Sarah told us:
It really is hard to choose my favorite moment, from hilarious scenes to end of the year picnics at Highland Park. If I had to choose though, it would have to be during the first fundraiser show we [ADE] partnered up to do with them, and seeing their reactions when I gave each of them roses as a token of my appreciation - it is the genuine support & care that we give each other that causes me to continue to be an active troupe member!

After the show finished, the sisters stayed after to help Sarah and the troupe clean up the Aud and move all the chairs, then went back to the house for some sister bonding time with music, grilled cheese, The Princess Bride, and Magic The Gathering included.

On December 8th, the sisters will be joining CKA to do a fundraising show for the National Alliance on Mental Illness - we hope to see you there!

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Empathy Week Presentation - Great Job, Meghan!

       Tuesday night, sophomore ADE sister and GOLD Leader Mentor Meghan Barrett (check out her profile here), gave an adapted version of her GOLD Silver Level Workshop Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World that Can’t Stop Talking (based on the book and Ted Talk by Susan Cain) as part of Putnam Hall’s Empathy Week Program. The presentation, which lasted a little less than an hour, was accompanied by a lively and enthusiastic discussion with the audience as Meghan fielded questions from those students attending.

            While the presentation began as an exploration of introversion (from the biology, to the history, to the term’s practical applications), the talk back quickly began to focus on the accommodation and understanding of introversion as yet another form of empathy. Meghan, at one point throughout the evening, said:

            Remembering that each person is so much more than we will ever know or understand, that they are a unique brand of complexity that we have never before experienced, will lead to the kind of comprehensive social awareness we need to develop respect for all people regardless of religion, gender, race, sexuality, disability, or personality. No matter how many times you put people in boxes, lump them together with others and call them another example of a stereotype, if you bother to look again, they will find their way out.

            We’re so proud of our sister’s eloquence, leadership capabilities, and willingness to stand up for a topic that most people remain silent about. Introverts are notoriously bad at standing up for themselves and their personality and, especially in this increasingly extrovert-centric world, it’s more important than ever to stand up. Last year, Meghan wrote an article about the excessive emphasis on extroversion in the educational system for the Lamron, which can be found here

            Interested in getting involved with Meghan’s campaign to speak up about introversion – or just want to have a conversation about empathy, respect, and individualism? Feel free to contact Meghan at to get the discussion going or come meet her in person at any of our events!