Saturday, November 16, 2013

Currently Known As Performance with Sarah!

Currently Known As, an amazing improv comedy troupe on campus, had a two-hour long and short form improv show yesterday night in Sturges Aud! The hard work of ADE sister Sarah Kohler and seven of her troupe members made an awesome show that had all the sisters and other audience members laughing all night long. Eight of the sisters came out to support Sarah at her show tonight.

The show included people dunking their heads in a trash can full of water, Sarah's hysterical goose impression, WWII documentary and Children's TV show versions of 'Hey, can I have some bar money?', and more. Laughter was abundant as the actors and actresses had to think quick on their feet, resulting in a few 'slip ups' (including an actual fall was almost as funny as the preceding lines since no one got hurt)! After the show, Sarah was radiant (exuberant even - look at that smile!) as she posed with her posse.
The improv show 'Who's Line Is It Anyway', and the actors Wayne Brady and Ryan Stiles, inspired me to pursue the art of improv comedy," Sarah told us at the end of the night. "I couldn't be happier that I did. The people are amazing and I've had such a great time over the years.
Sarah joined CKA in the Fall 2010, and has been an active member of the club ever since she joined. Sarah has performed in nine shows throughout her college career. As a senior this year, Sarah is enjoying some bittersweet moments with some of her favorite people. When asked about her favorite moment, Sarah told us:
It really is hard to choose my favorite moment, from hilarious scenes to end of the year picnics at Highland Park. If I had to choose though, it would have to be during the first fundraiser show we [ADE] partnered up to do with them, and seeing their reactions when I gave each of them roses as a token of my appreciation - it is the genuine support & care that we give each other that causes me to continue to be an active troupe member!

After the show finished, the sisters stayed after to help Sarah and the troupe clean up the Aud and move all the chairs, then went back to the house for some sister bonding time with music, grilled cheese, The Princess Bride, and Magic The Gathering included.

On December 8th, the sisters will be joining CKA to do a fundraising show for the National Alliance on Mental Illness - we hope to see you there!

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