Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Sister Initiation and Sister Night!

Congrats to the lovely sophomore Melissa Felder, pledge class Fall 2013, for being initiated as a sister Monday night! In a beautiful and traditional ceremony, involving first letters and other rites of passage, Melissa and her big Laurel shared lots of happy, smiling moments. We are all so proud to have Melissa as part of our organization - her passion, intelligence, maturity, and kindness are unrivaled. The sisters have all enjoyed getting to know Melissa and anticipate several fantastic years of sisterhood with her. Melissa, who took pledging quite seriously and did an amazing job learning the history and traditions of the sorority, earned the award of Most Enthusiastic.

 Saturday night after CKA was "Sister Night", where all the sisters gather at the house for a low-key, sisters only PJ party. Olivia tried for her best grumpy face while other sisters played Magic The Gathering, ate grilled cheese, danced, and sang pop songs together to make for an evening of sister bonding and relaxation after a hard week of classes. Two alumni, Liane Colangelo and Candice Felice, also came back for "Sister Night" and participated in the party! Having active and fun alumni coming back to bond with sisters always makes for a good time.

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