Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Teddy Bear Toss

The ADE ladies participated in Geneseo's Third Annual Teddy Bear Toss on November 23rd at 7 p.m. right before their formal event as the Ice Knight's faced off against SUNY Cortland. For those who don't know, the teddy bear toss is a once-a-year event where stuffed animals are thrown onto the ice after the Ice Knights score their first goal. After all the stuffed animals were tossed onto the ice, children and adults skated around to collect the toys for Livingston County chapters of Catholic Charities, Focus on the Children, and Foster Children of Livingston County, as all donations will be given to children in the area.

 One stuffed animal (or twinkling star) was bought for each girl in sorority and the sisters that were able to attend the game came out to do the tossing. From lambs and teddy bears to dinosaurs and fish (unfortunately, no owls!), the ADE ladies made some children very happy this holiday season!

"That's one of the things I love about Greek Life," sophomore sister Meghan Barrett said, "without ADE I probably never would have known this was going on. I'm so busy trying to get through the Bio and English majors that I miss out on really cool events like this. But my sisters keep me in touch with what's going on around campus, giving me the opportunity to be a bigger part of Geneseo's amazing campus life."

And on that note... Happy Holidays from the sisters of ADE. :)

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Geneseo Dance Esemble’s 46Live: Songs of the Body Lighting Designer: Rachel Prell

Senior sister Rachel Prell was grateful to be a Lighting Designer again for the Geneseo Dance Concert which closed in the Alice Austin Theatre on Sunday December 8th. The Geneseo Dance Concert is in its 46th year and this particular year was a particularly big deal as it was entirely student choreographed as well as half student lit. Rachel specifically lit seniors Jenn Levy and Erin Girard's dances, Hindsight and Out of Many One respectively.

Photo Cred: North Street Studio (Dance = Out of Many One)
Out of Many One was the second piece within the concert and was about the Buddhist principle of Namaste. Erin Girard informed Rachel that she always pictured the dance like a galaxy, ever growing and changingHindsight was the third piece within the concert. The first part was about reminiscing on the past, but not in a sad way while the second part focused on living in the present. With this information, and after looking at the costumes for colors, Rachel chose her side light colors and began to program on the Theatre Department’s Jands Vista light board.

“I love lighting for GDE. It gives me the opportunity to play with lights and colors. I don’t have to worry about trying to make something realistic, but instead I have to attempt to add to the dance. I have to make sure that I’m following the choreographers' concept and not distracting from the dancers because my lights are there to enhance not take over,” Rachel said.

This is Rachel's third time lighting the Dance Concert - she is also a shop TA and due to her vast experience with design has helped her young protege and sister, Meghan Barrett, with her lighting designs for Case Reopened this past semester.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Choir Concert!

Olivia and Bri - her big!
We just learned that sisters Katie Locke and Olivia Smith were in a Choir Concert all the way back in November! The concert was in Wadsworth on Sunday the 23rd at 3 p.m.

Olivia, a soprano, joined Festival Choir her second semester freshman year (Spring 2013) at Geneseo to carry on her long tradition of choral performance. Since fourth grade Olivia has been singing in choirs, including Choraliers (an advanced choir that sang in churches and the VA Center nearby her hometown) during middle school and Tour Choir all through high school. Her Tour Choir sang in the Czech Republic, Germany, and Poland - and in her senior year she served as an octet leader! Festival Choir sang a beautiful rendition of Mozart's Requiem.
Cause Katie. That's why.

Katie, a soprano two, joined Spectrum choir for the first time this semester after spending the Spring 2013 semester singing in Festival Choir with Olivia. Spectrum sang the Seven Joys of Christmas with the Geneseo Orchestra. A newly minted Vocal Performance Major, Katie has her own band (Lockedown), performs with several others, drops by occasionally to sing at Muddy Waters's open mic nights, and has performed for GSTV as well as a smattering of local gigs. Katie writes her own music and plays both piano and guitar and frequently jams with her friends in Seneca.

The musical talent abounds with these lADiEs - we're all so proud and wish we'd had the chance to see you perform.