Thursday, December 5, 2013

Choir Concert!

Olivia and Bri - her big!
We just learned that sisters Katie Locke and Olivia Smith were in a Choir Concert all the way back in November! The concert was in Wadsworth on Sunday the 23rd at 3 p.m.

Olivia, a soprano, joined Festival Choir her second semester freshman year (Spring 2013) at Geneseo to carry on her long tradition of choral performance. Since fourth grade Olivia has been singing in choirs, including Choraliers (an advanced choir that sang in churches and the VA Center nearby her hometown) during middle school and Tour Choir all through high school. Her Tour Choir sang in the Czech Republic, Germany, and Poland - and in her senior year she served as an octet leader! Festival Choir sang a beautiful rendition of Mozart's Requiem.
Cause Katie. That's why.

Katie, a soprano two, joined Spectrum choir for the first time this semester after spending the Spring 2013 semester singing in Festival Choir with Olivia. Spectrum sang the Seven Joys of Christmas with the Geneseo Orchestra. A newly minted Vocal Performance Major, Katie has her own band (Lockedown), performs with several others, drops by occasionally to sing at Muddy Waters's open mic nights, and has performed for GSTV as well as a smattering of local gigs. Katie writes her own music and plays both piano and guitar and frequently jams with her friends in Seneca.

The musical talent abounds with these lADiEs - we're all so proud and wish we'd had the chance to see you perform.

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