Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Teddy Bear Toss

The ADE ladies participated in Geneseo's Third Annual Teddy Bear Toss on November 23rd at 7 p.m. right before their formal event as the Ice Knight's faced off against SUNY Cortland. For those who don't know, the teddy bear toss is a once-a-year event where stuffed animals are thrown onto the ice after the Ice Knights score their first goal. After all the stuffed animals were tossed onto the ice, children and adults skated around to collect the toys for Livingston County chapters of Catholic Charities, Focus on the Children, and Foster Children of Livingston County, as all donations will be given to children in the area.

 One stuffed animal (or twinkling star) was bought for each girl in sorority and the sisters that were able to attend the game came out to do the tossing. From lambs and teddy bears to dinosaurs and fish (unfortunately, no owls!), the ADE ladies made some children very happy this holiday season!

"That's one of the things I love about Greek Life," sophomore sister Meghan Barrett said, "without ADE I probably never would have known this was going on. I'm so busy trying to get through the Bio and English majors that I miss out on really cool events like this. But my sisters keep me in touch with what's going on around campus, giving me the opportunity to be a bigger part of Geneseo's amazing campus life."

And on that note... Happy Holidays from the sisters of ADE. :)

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