Friday, September 19, 2014

Newest Member: Rachel Wilcove!

A big welcome to our newest member from Fall 2014: Rachel Wilcove!

Rachel is a sophomore and so excited to be becoming a lADiE! Rachel is a part of Mock Trial and Hillel and was chosen for being fun, outgoing, spirited, and compassionate.

Senior Katie (left) with second little Rachel,
of the newly made 'Foxy' branch.
It's good to be a foxy lADiE!

Saturday, June 21, 2014


We recently came across some ADorablE photos from our alumni to share with you:

These photos were added by our alumni to our group Facebook page as we reach the homestretch of the Greek Challenge - with just 9 days to go, ADE is currently holding a 13% lead over other sororities. We're so proud to have been in first for so long!

The alumna who added these particular photos also shared a sweet story, ending with "I still wear my lavalier to help feel closer to all of you who made such an incredible difference in my life." It just goes to show you, ADE bonds live on strong and proud for decades - our alumni are the best!

Friday, May 9, 2014

SA Leadership Merit Award

Congratulations to sophomore ADE sister, Meghan Barrett, for being recognized for her work as a ULI, SI, TA for the techincal theatre shop, Vice President of ADE, GOLD Leader Mentor and much, much more with a SA Merit Scholarship for Leadership! Meghan was one of seven winners, pictured above, chosen for the strength of their leadership and impact on campus. Meghan views leadership as one of the most important skills one develops in college, which is why she was instrumental in bringing the Women President's Organization Rochester One Chapter to meet with ADE for a Leadership Panel this Spring.

"ADE is about more than just parties and hanging out - we're about building strong women to go out and lead the world, in whatever way they choose," Meghan said, "and I think our many accolades individually and as an organization as well as our dedication to bringing in speakers on Servant Leadership and other topics and our commitment to the GOLD program, proves that we're all about building each other up to be the best women and leaders we can be."

Monday, May 5, 2014

Sincerest Condolences

The sisters of Alpha Delta Epsilon would like to extend their sincerest condolences to the brothers of Phi Sigma Xi upon hearing of the untimely passing of their brother, sophomore Alex Davis.

Those of us who knew Alex are deeply affected by his passing - hardworking and kind, Alex was undoubtedly a good brother, friend, and amazing lacrosse player. His motto 'Stay Focused', resonated deeply with many of our sisters and certainly showed in his life and on the field. His passion for the sport, for his brotherhood, and for life were unmatched.

Alex will be missed, as a member of the Greek community, as an athlete, and simply as one of the many incredible Geneseo people that brightened our days as he passed by. We wish the brothers of Phi Sigma Xi the steadiest healing and mourning process possible in this difficult time.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Alumni Testify Round 2

Not all the alumni made it into the first post, but the outpouring of ADE love never stopped! So here we go, with Round 2 of our ADE alumni testimonials!

During my college years Alpha Delta was my home away from home. We shared countless nights of laughter, tears, adventures, songs. and dancing. It was the best and craziest time of my life. What I did not know was how much more those bonds would come to mean as I went out into the real world. Although distance and life made our time together scarce, my sisters were there for heart breaks, new jobs, weddings, funerals, and births. They were among the first I turned to when diagnosed with breast cancer. They have stood by me and supported me through laughter and tears. ADE is amazing group of women who I am blessed to call my sisters.
- Kerri Mendez Miller (Spring '92)

Here's a photo that shows our joy at welcoming our new pledges! It represents our commitment to our traditions and to growing our group! ADE is in my heart!!!
- Cathy Dixon Lemay (Spring '85; President Spring '87)

Being a sister of ADE means gaining a whole new family while still being able to be an individual and keep my old friends. It is having a large group of women to cheer you on in the good times and hold you up during the bad. When my mom passed away 10 years after I pledged, not only did alumni support me but so did the active sisters. I never would have guessed when I rushed all those years ago, how my life would change forever. I'm grateful always to the love and sisterhood I found in Alpha Delta Epsilon. 
- Jodi (Ellenbogen) Rosen (Fall '95)

The hearts beneath the letters we proudly wear are filled with the love we feel for each other and our beloved sisterhood in ΑΔΕ. A few weeks of pledging bought us a lifetime of friendship and bonds that will never break.This picture is of some of my dearest friends in the world...28 years after Geneseo. And--you guessed it--they are ΑΔs!
- Lynn Colbert Kandrac (Fall '83)

My life was truly changed when I made the decision to pledge ADE. This picture is from my bachelorette party and represents ladies who pledged both before me and after me. Not only were these women with me through the many ups and downs of college, but remain many of my closest friends. I feel so blessed to be part of such a phenomenal group of women and an organization with so much history.
- Cassie (Gielow) Guagliano 
                                                                                           (Spring '05)

I never imagined I would pledge a sorority, but I knew right away that the sisters of AD were something special. Not only did I make the most amazing memories, the young women who became my sisters were and are a HUGE influence on my life! Even as we've graduated and gone out into the world, they continue to inspire me with the many diverse and exciting things they are doing. I don't live in the States anymore, but I know that whenever I visit I have dozens of homes to come back to, wherever my sisters are!  

This picture shows my practically pledge sisters from Spring 2008 and our "pledge mommy and daddy"! Memories I will never forget! 
- Ellyn Jameson (Spring '08.5)

I made a lot of friends while at Geneseo, but 10 years after graduating (yikes!), the only people I am still in contact with are my sorority sisters.  I love that I have a network of women who have had a range of experiences in their lives that I can turn to - even those that I have never met before.  The bond with these women is absolutely amazing and something that I never expected.
- Wendy Banker (Spring '02)

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

SIs, ULIs, and TAs - Oh my!

Meghan, Maddie the ULA, and Lab Group #3 at the end of Bio
116 last semester.
This year we have two sisters and an alumni serving the school as Undergraduate Laboratory Instructors, Supplemental Instructors, Technical Theater TAs, and AOP Department Administrators.

Rachel Prell is TAing for Introduction to Technical Theatre and is also a Shop TA this semester - her little, Michelle Cooman, is in her class along with other sisters.

Meghan Barrett taught Biology 116 lab last semester and is currently a Biology 119 SI this semester, along with being a Technical Theatre Shop TA with Rachel.

"I know I love being at the head of a class - it's why I want to be a Biology professor," Meghan said of the SI and ULI positions, "and it's particularly special since they're all my peers. I love educating and coming up with new, fun ways to help people love learning and succeeding. Teaching is one of the most rewarding experiences of my life."

Finally, there's Liane Colangelo - our alumni - who heads the AOP SI program this semester and  is instrumental in the set up and quality of these invaluable lessons. Awesome job, ladies!

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Crossing and Chanting

We're so proud to announce that THE HORDE HAS CROSSED!!! As of Wednesday night, this fabulous class of nine are officially sisters! Take a look at the lovely lADiEs of Spring 2014 below:

WHAT? We just crossed? Yeah, we're baller. WHAT NOW

We made our own 'throw what ya know' - don't worry, sisters.
The Horde will teach you.

 We're so proud of our amazing pledges and are so glad they've joined the sisterhood of ADE! What else was cool? Thursday night ADE had an awesome St. Patrick's Event with RLK and MAC - and the RLK girls, after hearing the lADiEs had just crossed, gathered everyone together and did a cheer for us! Thanks so much, RLK! You're all sweethearts. Inter-sorority sisterhood is one of the best parts of the Greek community here at Geneseo and we can't thank the RLK girls enough for making our newest members feel so welcome.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Greek Challenge - So Far, We're Ahead!

We never tire of talking about our amazing alumni - and here's just another example of how amazing they are!

Check out this link to see how 14.1% of ADE alumni have donated so far to the Greek Challenge - putting ADE at first place!

We're so proud of the consistent support we receive from our alumni - everything from holding breakfasts, and coming back for crossing, spring weekend, and bids to emotional and monetary support. A lot of an organization is the foundation - and ADE has proven we have the strongest by far!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Alumni Testify

Our ADE Alumni sent us some beautiful photos and words to remind us that you love ADE long after you're gone.

The ADE bond of sisterhood is stronger than I could have ever imagined when I pledged in 1990.  I knew I would make some new friends, but what I didn't know was that these girls would become true sisters who not only share some amazing memories, but continue to create new ones. We know we can rely on each other for anything.
        - Jennifer Seymour Sommer (Fall '90)

This truly is the beginning of a lifetime of friendship, support and love.  I count my sisters as my truest friends, my most trusted confidents and the people I can turn to for support, love and laughter. We had the time of our lives in Geneseo and decades later (please don't do the math) can pick up where we left off. Enjoy this time and know that it is only the beginning of a bond that you will cherish for the rest of your life.

- Cathy Reggio Ceriello (Fall '86)

In college, I never met my husband. But when I joined ADE, I met my bridesmaids! 
- Allison Sferra (Fall '05)

During college and afterward, the ladies of Alpha Delta Epsilon have given me shoulders to cry on, hands to lift me up, words of advice, and more happy memories than I care to count. When I didn't feel like I belonged anywhere, they gave me a home and a family and eight years later, my sisters are still the first ones to hear about the happenings in my life, both big and small. I love you girls, always.
- Allison Unger (Spring '06)

When I pledged waaaay back in 1984, I did it for the fun and to meet new people. As a college student it never occurred to me that these wonderful, smart and beautiful ladies would still be in my life 30 years later! And I recently connected with a younger sister professionally - what a small world! I chose the right path, without a doubt.
- Lynn Westcott (Fall '84)

Alpha Delta Epsilon is home. When I felt alone at Geneseo it was always the place and the people I came home to.
- Katie Holm (Fall '07)

ADE was my family. I joined not for the partying but for the amazing girls in the organization.
- Margaret Borriello (Spring '07.5)

Pledging is the beginning of a lifetime of friendships. One of the best letters I have ever received!!
- Steph Moulton (Fall '83)

I have tons of favorite pictures from ADE but this one represents our commitment. We've just picked up our pledges - it's the very beginning of pledging!
- Cathy Dixon Lemay (Spring '85)

Moments made with the lADiEs of Alpha Delta Epsilon are not merely for the four (for some of us five) years we are students at SUNY Geneseo. The bonds of our sisterhood and friendship last for years to come. The photo proves this. This is the group of sisters that were at my wedding in 2006. I graduated in 2002 while others in this picture graduated a few years before or a few years after me. One of the fine ladies in the photo graduated before I even pledged. Four out of the five bridesmaids in my wedding were AD's. The bonds we make while at SUNY Geneseo are unbreakable and lifelong.
- Kristen Chriscaden LaFleur (Fall '99) 

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

A Week Full of Fun!

ADE has been up to so much this past week, beyond the rush!

Well, we had a super fun photo shoot out in the snow as a sister bonding time event and then tried on our brand new Recruitment Shirts (Having more fun since 1901!).

We stopped by the Student Organization Expo with a baller poster showing off all of our beautiful faces and fun events.

 We raised, independently, over $200 to donate to the Alpha Chi Rho (Crows) Deep Freeze Campaign then stopped by their Candlelight Vigil to show our support for both our fellow Greeks and those suffering from Cancer.

We dropped by Round Robin to show off our lovely faces (again) using a lovely powerpoint presentation.

We held an awesome 'Seven Deadly Sins' themed event at the house (that got mentioned on Geneseo Crushes!).

And we made super-cute bird feeders at our DIY Philanthropy event which we'll hang up around Geneseo when the weather gets warmer and the birds come back.

All in all it's been fun and busy and we're so happy to be back on campus and in the swing of things. We hope to see you all tonight at Study Buddies (6 pm, Milne Basement) or tomorrow for our Jams and P'Jams at the house!

Monday, January 27, 2014

Meet our Spring 2014 Presidential Team

We're so excited to quickly introduce Sarah Kohler, pledge class Spring 2011, and Meghan Barrett, pledge class Spring 2013.5, as President and Vice President for this coming semester.

President Sarah Kohler, a senior, has held the positions of Vice President, Treasurer, Asst New Member Educator, House President, Recruitment Chair, Asst. Recruitment Chair, Alumni Correspondence Secretary, Asst. Alumni Correspondence Secretary and IGC Representative for sorority in the past and is also House President and Alumni Correspondence Secretary again this semester. Being president of ADE is a dream come true.

"It's definitely exciting & humbling, but it takes someone with a lot of courage, wisdom, and composure to step up to the plate. The President is one of the main faces of ADE, to both the Administration and the Greek Community, so my main plan for the semester is to take the wisdom shared by past presidents before me and promote our values and attributes to the college campus."

The duties of a president are vast - from interacting with alumni to booking rooms for meetings, Sarah has her work cut out of her as the face of ADE. However, as an active leader in the Greek community (serving as IGC e-board Treasurer during Spring and Fall 2012) and the campus community, an involved and compassionate sister, and a woman dedicated to serving others (be it shaving her head for Relay or simply organizing fundraisers) we know Sarah will do a great job representing us to the campus.

Sarah's favorite thing about Greek Life?

"My favorite thing about Geneseo's Greek Life really is the networking & the high positive energy shown through on-campus & social functions. I heard from one fellow IGC e-board member the quote, "We're all Greek together!" This quote is especially true when you put yourself out there and get to know various Greek members; although you may be in different organizations, you can have the same goals and career aspirations. Our alumni have even stated how we've received help and given help to various Geneseo Greeks, and it's this type of positive interaction that makes me love our campus's Greek Life. As a result, we've done some pretty terrific things as a community, from raising the most money at Relay for Life to earning the highest GPA averages! Go Greek!"

With sister, Natasha on
the way to a Halloween
Vice President and Social Chair Meghan, a sophomore, has held the positions of Balfour, Historian, and Songmistress in the past and is also Assistant New Member Educator, IGC Representative, and Webmistress this semester.

"I never dreamed, entering college, that I'd be vice president of a sorority - I would have bet good money against it. But here I am, and I'm loving it!" Meghan enthused, "ADE sisters are so enthusiastic and involved that I can't help but be enthused as well."

On a camping trip taken with a
member of the Sammies
As Vice President and Social Chair (a joint position) Meghan books events with other organizations, runs meetings, and helps the President complete her duties efficiently. As a stage manager, GOLD leader mentor, and ULI/SI for several Biology classes, we know Meghan is more than organized enough to handle the ADE social calendar.

With Big, Rachael. <3
Meghan's favorite thing about Greek Life is "the opportunity to easily meet and socialize with men and women, in my organization and in others. The Greek community here is so active and friendly - I've made so many connections already, and I can't wait to make even more."

Winter Travel

Where was ADE over Winter Break?

Junior Rachael Bradley was relaxing in Cancun, Mexico at the Moon Grand Resort. "There were people at the resort from all over, people were speaking Spanish, French, English, and Portuguese (to name a few). I saw a cirque show and I actually met the performers on the bus the next day. I saw a few different birds and a ton of lizards!

Senior Laurel Brown, who last Spring was studying abroad in Chile, made a trip to Israel this break. The trip lasted for ten days and she went all over the country with Birthright. "I went on the trip because I wanted to see Israel... I had a great time trying all of the typical Israeli food such as shwarma and falafel and exploring the old city of Jerusalem. I traveled with URJ Kesher on their first LGBTQ group where I was able to meet many amazing people and form lasting friendships while learning about Jewish LGBTQ life in Israel."

Several sisters, such as Meghan Barrett and Sarah Kohler, stayed in the US. Meghan went to Orlando for the ASI Promotional Products show as work and Sarah Kohler went to Atlantic City. Sarah spent time viewing the Absecon Lighthouse and the Boardwalk and taking a cooking/baking class at the Harrah's resort. The class she took centered around cupcake and dessert wine pairings and, according to Sarah, "the best dessert wines to have are port, sherry, madeira, semillon, muscat, and gewurztraminer... Personally I like the uniqueness of the gewurztaminer, it's sweet but has a clove spicy kick to it at the same time."

Late that night those cupcakes that they baked during the wine tasting portion showed up at the resort buffet. Anything else about the trip? Well - "Asides from enjoying a venti passion tea lemonade by the sea [on the Boardwalk], I window shopped/admired the Tiffany & Co. jewelry in their window... it doesn't hurt to dream."

Sounds like our sisters had a ton of fun travelling but all are happy to be back, together, at Geneseo!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Meghan Barrett: The Technical Team of Seussical

Meghan Barrett came back early to Geneseo on January 10th to work on Seussical the Musical, being put on by the Geneseo Music Department. The show, featuring 20 college students and a children's chorus, will go up this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday (7 pm, 7 pm, and 3 pm respectively) in Wadsworth Auditorium.

Meghan served in three capacities for the show - Lighting Designer, Technical Director, and Stage Manager meaning that she designed, hung, gelled and focused the lights, programmed the light board, built, secured, and faced the set, rigged the back drops, is in charge of crew, and is calling the cues for the show.

"It was a little rough," Meghan admitted, "taking on three positions when any one of those can drive someone crazy with a cast this large, working in an unfamiliar space, etc... it was difficult but really rewarding. Especially to see the set go up, the lights hung and focused, everything done in less than two weeks - it was really, really intense."

This is not Meghan's first run around the technical theater block. She's served as a Props Manager, Member of Run and Construction Crew, Spot Operator, Assistant Technical Director, Assistant Scene Designer, Lighting Designer, Stage Manager, and Technical Director for over twenty different shows from high school to college. Meghan is also a TA for the technical theatre shop on campus.

"The only things I haven't really done are sound and costumes... I should probably get into that," Meghan joked.

Come see the show this Thursday, Friday, and Saturday and check out all the hard work of the crew, cast, and Meghan herself. Enjoy!

Monday, January 13, 2014

We're Famous! - Geneseo's Greek Hall of Fame

The ADE sister's with Tara (far left) at her induction.
Since the Greek Hall of Fame's beginning in 2007, Alpha Delta Epsilon has had two alumni and an adviser elected into the Geneseo Greek Hall of Fame - Professor of English Tom Greenfield, inducted in 2013, is the first adviser to be inducted in the Hall's seven year history for the role of advising and thus the first non-Greek and non-Geneseo inductee.

The Greek Hall of Fame awards "are designed to honor thoselifelong learning, leadership, personal development, brotherhood/sisterhood, and service to their Chapter, the College and/or their community. They should be role models for students and alumni alike and give generously of their time, talent and resources."
The motto of our alumni - we always do our best for one another because
we are ADE!
Greenfield, who has written a song for sorority titled 'I Look Good in Purple' and has advised the sorority since 2002, spends time hosting the sisters at his home, playing chess with newly-elected Vice Presidents, and having meetings with new cabinet members to help sorority make important decisions.

Bracelet-making Fundraiser!
2012 Alumni Inductee Tara Nieves Alexander, class of '91, comes back for Formal Rush events, Bids Night, Crossing, and more. Tara also frequently provides supplies for sorority events - like making buttercream frosting from scratch for a sorority cupcake sale fundraiser last semester that benefited the American Cancer Society or donating beads for a sorority bracelet making fundraiser.

Our other Alumni Inductee is Denine Anderson Regan, class of '95, who was inducted in 2009 but has since moved further away from Geneseo.
Deliciously Decorated
Cupcakes with Tara's

Alpha Delta Epsilon also shares the distinction of being tied for first with Alpha Kappa Phi for the most number of inductions. Runners up with two are Sigma Nu Chi, Phi Lambda Chi, Phi Kappa Pi, and the fraternity Tau Kappa Epsilon which is no longer on campus but whose alumni ADE sisters and alum are having a reunion with this Spring. It just goes to show that our incredibly active and supportive network of alumni is part of what makes the ADE experience so unique and amazing.

Monday, January 6, 2014

Orlando ASI: Putting the 'Busy' in Business

Sophomore sister Meghan Barrett is currently chillin' in Orlando, Florida for the ASI Orlando merchandising show as an Assistant Sales Rep for SailorBags, a local business in Rochester, NY. Meghan, who has also been involved with other local businesses like Shantz Associates, North American Barrel, Wickham Farms, and 24 Ligne LLC, has spent the trip discussing the merits of SailorBags' products with distributors across the country while sharing the booth with company President, Anne Zimmer.

"I love being involved with businesses, especially small local companies," Meghan said of her experience this past year working as Shipping Manager and Head of Customer Service for the online retailer North American Barrel, "I get a really good understanding of all the areas of the business because every employee is so dependent on every other employee to get their job done right."

Pointing at our booth on the floor
Anne, who is part of Rochester's leadership group Women's Presidents Organization (WPO), has invited Meghan to several of their functions and keynote addresses including a speech given by Edward Deci, a University of Rochester Professor who talked about motivating employees.

"I am so lucky that a lot of my business experiences have been working alongside these female business leaders - they're excellent role models. From them I've learned about the real meaning of busy - you can tell these women who are running two businesses, have activities on the side, and have families... they know what it means to be busy," Meghan said, "and a lot of the stuff about time management, motivating people, and how to run a company are going to be really helpful next semester when I'm Vice President of ADE."

We think Meghan knows the meaning of busy all on her own - a Biology English double major in Phi Eta Sigma with an Honors minor, last semester Meghan managed twenty credits of 200 and 300 level Biology and English classes, was a GOLD Leader Mentor with two of her own workshops who held talks for events outside of the GOLD program (like Putnam Hall Council's Empathy Week), was a Lighting Designer for Case Reopened, held three positions in sorority, worked as a Undergraduate Laboratory Instructor for Biology 116 Laboratory and a Shop TA for the Theatre Department, babysat on the side, headed the English Department Blog Project, maintained her exceptionally high GPA, worked as both Head of Customer Service and Shipping Manager for North American Barrel while at school and spent time working on her own entrepreneurial project, Meghan is an excellent example of how ADE women redefine 'busy'.

When asked how she does it, Meghan shrugs like 'no big deal'. "I've had great examples, all throughout my life, of busy women looking to make a real impact without seeking recognition from their peers - my mother, the women of WPO, and now my sisters in ADE."

As for this particular experience in Orlando? Meghan can't wait to go again. "Setting up the booth, from the pallet of boxes to the beautiful display, and getting to meet hundreds of distributors and talk to them about this really exciting and flexible product was an amazing experience - and getting to do it all standing next to the owner of the company was unforgettable. I just hope I get the chance to come back someday."