Thursday, January 2, 2014

Lockedown: A Sister's Solo Project

Junior sister Katie Locke has been playing piano since she was seven and picked up a guitar for the first time a few years back. As a vocal performance and anthropology double major, trying to keep up with grades and making music for her solo project, Lockedown, can be tough.

"I'm a vocal major, so I guess I did something right with my voice at some point, and the lyrics definitely just happen. I combine all of that and get some neat songs out of it," Katie says of her creative process.

Despite Lockedown being a solo effort with piano, guitar, vocals and lyrics all original, Katie is constantly making music with other friends and people on and off campus - her boyfriend Jason, sister Casey, friends Nick, Gannon, and Fabi, and sorority sister Meghan. She has done several gigs and appeared on GSTV to play and sing several of her originals.

"I mean, I'm going through this whole 'college' thing and trying to get good grades at all, bu making music is still what I'd rather be doing. It's an outlet. I'd go crazy if I didn't spit out a song at least once a month," Katie said.

Katie's music can be found on her facebook page under 'Jams' (we recommend Stars and Fascinated for a first listen - although it's all amazing) or her youtube channel. Want a small taste of Lockedown's music? We've provided the video of 'Duality' right here for you!

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