Monday, January 27, 2014

Meet our Spring 2014 Presidential Team

We're so excited to quickly introduce Sarah Kohler, pledge class Spring 2011, and Meghan Barrett, pledge class Spring 2013.5, as President and Vice President for this coming semester.

President Sarah Kohler, a senior, has held the positions of Vice President, Treasurer, Asst New Member Educator, House President, Recruitment Chair, Asst. Recruitment Chair, Alumni Correspondence Secretary, Asst. Alumni Correspondence Secretary and IGC Representative for sorority in the past and is also House President and Alumni Correspondence Secretary again this semester. Being president of ADE is a dream come true.

"It's definitely exciting & humbling, but it takes someone with a lot of courage, wisdom, and composure to step up to the plate. The President is one of the main faces of ADE, to both the Administration and the Greek Community, so my main plan for the semester is to take the wisdom shared by past presidents before me and promote our values and attributes to the college campus."

The duties of a president are vast - from interacting with alumni to booking rooms for meetings, Sarah has her work cut out of her as the face of ADE. However, as an active leader in the Greek community (serving as IGC e-board Treasurer during Spring and Fall 2012) and the campus community, an involved and compassionate sister, and a woman dedicated to serving others (be it shaving her head for Relay or simply organizing fundraisers) we know Sarah will do a great job representing us to the campus.

Sarah's favorite thing about Greek Life?

"My favorite thing about Geneseo's Greek Life really is the networking & the high positive energy shown through on-campus & social functions. I heard from one fellow IGC e-board member the quote, "We're all Greek together!" This quote is especially true when you put yourself out there and get to know various Greek members; although you may be in different organizations, you can have the same goals and career aspirations. Our alumni have even stated how we've received help and given help to various Geneseo Greeks, and it's this type of positive interaction that makes me love our campus's Greek Life. As a result, we've done some pretty terrific things as a community, from raising the most money at Relay for Life to earning the highest GPA averages! Go Greek!"

With sister, Natasha on
the way to a Halloween
Vice President and Social Chair Meghan, a sophomore, has held the positions of Balfour, Historian, and Songmistress in the past and is also Assistant New Member Educator, IGC Representative, and Webmistress this semester.

"I never dreamed, entering college, that I'd be vice president of a sorority - I would have bet good money against it. But here I am, and I'm loving it!" Meghan enthused, "ADE sisters are so enthusiastic and involved that I can't help but be enthused as well."

On a camping trip taken with a
member of the Sammies
As Vice President and Social Chair (a joint position) Meghan books events with other organizations, runs meetings, and helps the President complete her duties efficiently. As a stage manager, GOLD leader mentor, and ULI/SI for several Biology classes, we know Meghan is more than organized enough to handle the ADE social calendar.

With Big, Rachael. <3
Meghan's favorite thing about Greek Life is "the opportunity to easily meet and socialize with men and women, in my organization and in others. The Greek community here is so active and friendly - I've made so many connections already, and I can't wait to make even more."

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