Monday, January 6, 2014

Orlando ASI: Putting the 'Busy' in Business

Sophomore sister Meghan Barrett is currently chillin' in Orlando, Florida for the ASI Orlando merchandising show as an Assistant Sales Rep for SailorBags, a local business in Rochester, NY. Meghan, who has also been involved with other local businesses like Shantz Associates, North American Barrel, Wickham Farms, and 24 Ligne LLC, has spent the trip discussing the merits of SailorBags' products with distributors across the country while sharing the booth with company President, Anne Zimmer.

"I love being involved with businesses, especially small local companies," Meghan said of her experience this past year working as Shipping Manager and Head of Customer Service for the online retailer North American Barrel, "I get a really good understanding of all the areas of the business because every employee is so dependent on every other employee to get their job done right."

Pointing at our booth on the floor
Anne, who is part of Rochester's leadership group Women's Presidents Organization (WPO), has invited Meghan to several of their functions and keynote addresses including a speech given by Edward Deci, a University of Rochester Professor who talked about motivating employees.

"I am so lucky that a lot of my business experiences have been working alongside these female business leaders - they're excellent role models. From them I've learned about the real meaning of busy - you can tell these women who are running two businesses, have activities on the side, and have families... they know what it means to be busy," Meghan said, "and a lot of the stuff about time management, motivating people, and how to run a company are going to be really helpful next semester when I'm Vice President of ADE."

We think Meghan knows the meaning of busy all on her own - a Biology English double major in Phi Eta Sigma with an Honors minor, last semester Meghan managed twenty credits of 200 and 300 level Biology and English classes, was a GOLD Leader Mentor with two of her own workshops who held talks for events outside of the GOLD program (like Putnam Hall Council's Empathy Week), was a Lighting Designer for Case Reopened, held three positions in sorority, worked as a Undergraduate Laboratory Instructor for Biology 116 Laboratory and a Shop TA for the Theatre Department, babysat on the side, headed the English Department Blog Project, maintained her exceptionally high GPA, worked as both Head of Customer Service and Shipping Manager for North American Barrel while at school and spent time working on her own entrepreneurial project, Meghan is an excellent example of how ADE women redefine 'busy'.

When asked how she does it, Meghan shrugs like 'no big deal'. "I've had great examples, all throughout my life, of busy women looking to make a real impact without seeking recognition from their peers - my mother, the women of WPO, and now my sisters in ADE."

As for this particular experience in Orlando? Meghan can't wait to go again. "Setting up the booth, from the pallet of boxes to the beautiful display, and getting to meet hundreds of distributors and talk to them about this really exciting and flexible product was an amazing experience - and getting to do it all standing next to the owner of the company was unforgettable. I just hope I get the chance to come back someday."

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