Monday, January 13, 2014

We're Famous! - Geneseo's Greek Hall of Fame

The ADE sister's with Tara (far left) at her induction.
Since the Greek Hall of Fame's beginning in 2007, Alpha Delta Epsilon has had two alumni and an adviser elected into the Geneseo Greek Hall of Fame - Professor of English Tom Greenfield, inducted in 2013, is the first adviser to be inducted in the Hall's seven year history for the role of advising and thus the first non-Greek and non-Geneseo inductee.

The Greek Hall of Fame awards "are designed to honor thoselifelong learning, leadership, personal development, brotherhood/sisterhood, and service to their Chapter, the College and/or their community. They should be role models for students and alumni alike and give generously of their time, talent and resources."
The motto of our alumni - we always do our best for one another because
we are ADE!
Greenfield, who has written a song for sorority titled 'I Look Good in Purple' and has advised the sorority since 2002, spends time hosting the sisters at his home, playing chess with newly-elected Vice Presidents, and having meetings with new cabinet members to help sorority make important decisions.

Bracelet-making Fundraiser!
2012 Alumni Inductee Tara Nieves Alexander, class of '91, comes back for Formal Rush events, Bids Night, Crossing, and more. Tara also frequently provides supplies for sorority events - like making buttercream frosting from scratch for a sorority cupcake sale fundraiser last semester that benefited the American Cancer Society or donating beads for a sorority bracelet making fundraiser.

Our other Alumni Inductee is Denine Anderson Regan, class of '95, who was inducted in 2009 but has since moved further away from Geneseo.
Deliciously Decorated
Cupcakes with Tara's

Alpha Delta Epsilon also shares the distinction of being tied for first with Alpha Kappa Phi for the most number of inductions. Runners up with two are Sigma Nu Chi, Phi Lambda Chi, Phi Kappa Pi, and the fraternity Tau Kappa Epsilon which is no longer on campus but whose alumni ADE sisters and alum are having a reunion with this Spring. It just goes to show that our incredibly active and supportive network of alumni is part of what makes the ADE experience so unique and amazing.

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  1. Not surprised - after all, ADs are the best! Have always been, will always be. <3 Great job, lADiEs - keep it up!


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