Monday, January 27, 2014

Winter Travel

Where was ADE over Winter Break?

Junior Rachael Bradley was relaxing in Cancun, Mexico at the Moon Grand Resort. "There were people at the resort from all over, people were speaking Spanish, French, English, and Portuguese (to name a few). I saw a cirque show and I actually met the performers on the bus the next day. I saw a few different birds and a ton of lizards!

Senior Laurel Brown, who last Spring was studying abroad in Chile, made a trip to Israel this break. The trip lasted for ten days and she went all over the country with Birthright. "I went on the trip because I wanted to see Israel... I had a great time trying all of the typical Israeli food such as shwarma and falafel and exploring the old city of Jerusalem. I traveled with URJ Kesher on their first LGBTQ group where I was able to meet many amazing people and form lasting friendships while learning about Jewish LGBTQ life in Israel."

Several sisters, such as Meghan Barrett and Sarah Kohler, stayed in the US. Meghan went to Orlando for the ASI Promotional Products show as work and Sarah Kohler went to Atlantic City. Sarah spent time viewing the Absecon Lighthouse and the Boardwalk and taking a cooking/baking class at the Harrah's resort. The class she took centered around cupcake and dessert wine pairings and, according to Sarah, "the best dessert wines to have are port, sherry, madeira, semillon, muscat, and gewurztraminer... Personally I like the uniqueness of the gewurztaminer, it's sweet but has a clove spicy kick to it at the same time."

Late that night those cupcakes that they baked during the wine tasting portion showed up at the resort buffet. Anything else about the trip? Well - "Asides from enjoying a venti passion tea lemonade by the sea [on the Boardwalk], I window shopped/admired the Tiffany & Co. jewelry in their window... it doesn't hurt to dream."

Sounds like our sisters had a ton of fun travelling but all are happy to be back, together, at Geneseo!

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