Tuesday, February 4, 2014

A Week Full of Fun!

ADE has been up to so much this past week, beyond the rush!

Well, we had a super fun photo shoot out in the snow as a sister bonding time event and then tried on our brand new Recruitment Shirts (Having more fun since 1901!).

We stopped by the Student Organization Expo with a baller poster showing off all of our beautiful faces and fun events.

 We raised, independently, over $200 to donate to the Alpha Chi Rho (Crows) Deep Freeze Campaign then stopped by their Candlelight Vigil to show our support for both our fellow Greeks and those suffering from Cancer.

We dropped by Round Robin to show off our lovely faces (again) using a lovely powerpoint presentation.

We held an awesome 'Seven Deadly Sins' themed event at the house (that got mentioned on Geneseo Crushes!).

And we made super-cute bird feeders at our DIY Philanthropy event which we'll hang up around Geneseo when the weather gets warmer and the birds come back.

All in all it's been fun and busy and we're so happy to be back on campus and in the swing of things. We hope to see you all tonight at Study Buddies (6 pm, Milne Basement) or tomorrow for our Jams and P'Jams at the house!

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