Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Alumni Testify

Our ADE Alumni sent us some beautiful photos and words to remind us that you love ADE long after you're gone.

The ADE bond of sisterhood is stronger than I could have ever imagined when I pledged in 1990.  I knew I would make some new friends, but what I didn't know was that these girls would become true sisters who not only share some amazing memories, but continue to create new ones. We know we can rely on each other for anything.
        - Jennifer Seymour Sommer (Fall '90)

This truly is the beginning of a lifetime of friendship, support and love.  I count my sisters as my truest friends, my most trusted confidents and the people I can turn to for support, love and laughter. We had the time of our lives in Geneseo and decades later (please don't do the math) can pick up where we left off. Enjoy this time and know that it is only the beginning of a bond that you will cherish for the rest of your life.

- Cathy Reggio Ceriello (Fall '86)

In college, I never met my husband. But when I joined ADE, I met my bridesmaids! 
- Allison Sferra (Fall '05)

During college and afterward, the ladies of Alpha Delta Epsilon have given me shoulders to cry on, hands to lift me up, words of advice, and more happy memories than I care to count. When I didn't feel like I belonged anywhere, they gave me a home and a family and eight years later, my sisters are still the first ones to hear about the happenings in my life, both big and small. I love you girls, always.
- Allison Unger (Spring '06)

When I pledged waaaay back in 1984, I did it for the fun and to meet new people. As a college student it never occurred to me that these wonderful, smart and beautiful ladies would still be in my life 30 years later! And I recently connected with a younger sister professionally - what a small world! I chose the right path, without a doubt.
- Lynn Westcott (Fall '84)

Alpha Delta Epsilon is home. When I felt alone at Geneseo it was always the place and the people I came home to.
- Katie Holm (Fall '07)

ADE was my family. I joined not for the partying but for the amazing girls in the organization.
- Margaret Borriello (Spring '07.5)

Pledging is the beginning of a lifetime of friendships. One of the best letters I have ever received!!
- Steph Moulton (Fall '83)

I have tons of favorite pictures from ADE but this one represents our commitment. We've just picked up our pledges - it's the very beginning of pledging!
- Cathy Dixon Lemay (Spring '85)

Moments made with the lADiEs of Alpha Delta Epsilon are not merely for the four (for some of us five) years we are students at SUNY Geneseo. The bonds of our sisterhood and friendship last for years to come. The photo proves this. This is the group of sisters that were at my wedding in 2006. I graduated in 2002 while others in this picture graduated a few years before or a few years after me. One of the fine ladies in the photo graduated before I even pledged. Four out of the five bridesmaids in my wedding were AD's. The bonds we make while at SUNY Geneseo are unbreakable and lifelong.
- Kristen Chriscaden LaFleur (Fall '99) 

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