Friday, March 21, 2014

Alumni Testify Round 2

Not all the alumni made it into the first post, but the outpouring of ADE love never stopped! So here we go, with Round 2 of our ADE alumni testimonials!

During my college years Alpha Delta was my home away from home. We shared countless nights of laughter, tears, adventures, songs. and dancing. It was the best and craziest time of my life. What I did not know was how much more those bonds would come to mean as I went out into the real world. Although distance and life made our time together scarce, my sisters were there for heart breaks, new jobs, weddings, funerals, and births. They were among the first I turned to when diagnosed with breast cancer. They have stood by me and supported me through laughter and tears. ADE is amazing group of women who I am blessed to call my sisters.
- Kerri Mendez Miller (Spring '92)

Here's a photo that shows our joy at welcoming our new pledges! It represents our commitment to our traditions and to growing our group! ADE is in my heart!!!
- Cathy Dixon Lemay (Spring '85; President Spring '87)

Being a sister of ADE means gaining a whole new family while still being able to be an individual and keep my old friends. It is having a large group of women to cheer you on in the good times and hold you up during the bad. When my mom passed away 10 years after I pledged, not only did alumni support me but so did the active sisters. I never would have guessed when I rushed all those years ago, how my life would change forever. I'm grateful always to the love and sisterhood I found in Alpha Delta Epsilon. 
- Jodi (Ellenbogen) Rosen (Fall '95)

The hearts beneath the letters we proudly wear are filled with the love we feel for each other and our beloved sisterhood in ΑΔΕ. A few weeks of pledging bought us a lifetime of friendship and bonds that will never break.This picture is of some of my dearest friends in the world...28 years after Geneseo. And--you guessed it--they are ΑΔs!
- Lynn Colbert Kandrac (Fall '83)

My life was truly changed when I made the decision to pledge ADE. This picture is from my bachelorette party and represents ladies who pledged both before me and after me. Not only were these women with me through the many ups and downs of college, but remain many of my closest friends. I feel so blessed to be part of such a phenomenal group of women and an organization with so much history.
- Cassie (Gielow) Guagliano 
                                                                                           (Spring '05)

I never imagined I would pledge a sorority, but I knew right away that the sisters of AD were something special. Not only did I make the most amazing memories, the young women who became my sisters were and are a HUGE influence on my life! Even as we've graduated and gone out into the world, they continue to inspire me with the many diverse and exciting things they are doing. I don't live in the States anymore, but I know that whenever I visit I have dozens of homes to come back to, wherever my sisters are!  

This picture shows my practically pledge sisters from Spring 2008 and our "pledge mommy and daddy"! Memories I will never forget! 
- Ellyn Jameson (Spring '08.5)

I made a lot of friends while at Geneseo, but 10 years after graduating (yikes!), the only people I am still in contact with are my sorority sisters.  I love that I have a network of women who have had a range of experiences in their lives that I can turn to - even those that I have never met before.  The bond with these women is absolutely amazing and something that I never expected.
- Wendy Banker (Spring '02)

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

SIs, ULIs, and TAs - Oh my!

Meghan, Maddie the ULA, and Lab Group #3 at the end of Bio
116 last semester.
This year we have two sisters and an alumni serving the school as Undergraduate Laboratory Instructors, Supplemental Instructors, Technical Theater TAs, and AOP Department Administrators.

Rachel Prell is TAing for Introduction to Technical Theatre and is also a Shop TA this semester - her little, Michelle Cooman, is in her class along with other sisters.

Meghan Barrett taught Biology 116 lab last semester and is currently a Biology 119 SI this semester, along with being a Technical Theatre Shop TA with Rachel.

"I know I love being at the head of a class - it's why I want to be a Biology professor," Meghan said of the SI and ULI positions, "and it's particularly special since they're all my peers. I love educating and coming up with new, fun ways to help people love learning and succeeding. Teaching is one of the most rewarding experiences of my life."

Finally, there's Liane Colangelo - our alumni - who heads the AOP SI program this semester and  is instrumental in the set up and quality of these invaluable lessons. Awesome job, ladies!

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Crossing and Chanting

We're so proud to announce that THE HORDE HAS CROSSED!!! As of Wednesday night, this fabulous class of nine are officially sisters! Take a look at the lovely lADiEs of Spring 2014 below:

WHAT? We just crossed? Yeah, we're baller. WHAT NOW

We made our own 'throw what ya know' - don't worry, sisters.
The Horde will teach you.

 We're so proud of our amazing pledges and are so glad they've joined the sisterhood of ADE! What else was cool? Thursday night ADE had an awesome St. Patrick's Event with RLK and MAC - and the RLK girls, after hearing the lADiEs had just crossed, gathered everyone together and did a cheer for us! Thanks so much, RLK! You're all sweethearts. Inter-sorority sisterhood is one of the best parts of the Greek community here at Geneseo and we can't thank the RLK girls enough for making our newest members feel so welcome.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Greek Challenge - So Far, We're Ahead!

We never tire of talking about our amazing alumni - and here's just another example of how amazing they are!

Check out this link to see how 14.1% of ADE alumni have donated so far to the Greek Challenge - putting ADE at first place!

We're so proud of the consistent support we receive from our alumni - everything from holding breakfasts, and coming back for crossing, spring weekend, and bids to emotional and monetary support. A lot of an organization is the foundation - and ADE has proven we have the strongest by far!