Saturday, March 15, 2014

Crossing and Chanting

We're so proud to announce that THE HORDE HAS CROSSED!!! As of Wednesday night, this fabulous class of nine are officially sisters! Take a look at the lovely lADiEs of Spring 2014 below:

WHAT? We just crossed? Yeah, we're baller. WHAT NOW

We made our own 'throw what ya know' - don't worry, sisters.
The Horde will teach you.

 We're so proud of our amazing pledges and are so glad they've joined the sisterhood of ADE! What else was cool? Thursday night ADE had an awesome St. Patrick's Event with RLK and MAC - and the RLK girls, after hearing the lADiEs had just crossed, gathered everyone together and did a cheer for us! Thanks so much, RLK! You're all sweethearts. Inter-sorority sisterhood is one of the best parts of the Greek community here at Geneseo and we can't thank the RLK girls enough for making our newest members feel so welcome.

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