Tuesday, March 18, 2014

SIs, ULIs, and TAs - Oh my!

Meghan, Maddie the ULA, and Lab Group #3 at the end of Bio
116 last semester.
This year we have two sisters and an alumni serving the school as Undergraduate Laboratory Instructors, Supplemental Instructors, Technical Theater TAs, and AOP Department Administrators.

Rachel Prell is TAing for Introduction to Technical Theatre and is also a Shop TA this semester - her little, Michelle Cooman, is in her class along with other sisters.

Meghan Barrett taught Biology 116 lab last semester and is currently a Biology 119 SI this semester, along with being a Technical Theatre Shop TA with Rachel.

"I know I love being at the head of a class - it's why I want to be a Biology professor," Meghan said of the SI and ULI positions, "and it's particularly special since they're all my peers. I love educating and coming up with new, fun ways to help people love learning and succeeding. Teaching is one of the most rewarding experiences of my life."

Finally, there's Liane Colangelo - our alumni - who heads the AOP SI program this semester and  is instrumental in the set up and quality of these invaluable lessons. Awesome job, ladies!

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