Friday, May 9, 2014

SA Leadership Merit Award

Congratulations to sophomore ADE sister, Meghan Barrett, for being recognized for her work as a ULI, SI, TA for the techincal theatre shop, Vice President of ADE, GOLD Leader Mentor and much, much more with a SA Merit Scholarship for Leadership! Meghan was one of seven winners, pictured above, chosen for the strength of their leadership and impact on campus. Meghan views leadership as one of the most important skills one develops in college, which is why she was instrumental in bringing the Women President's Organization Rochester One Chapter to meet with ADE for a Leadership Panel this Spring.

"ADE is about more than just parties and hanging out - we're about building strong women to go out and lead the world, in whatever way they choose," Meghan said, "and I think our many accolades individually and as an organization as well as our dedication to bringing in speakers on Servant Leadership and other topics and our commitment to the GOLD program, proves that we're all about building each other up to be the best women and leaders we can be."

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