Tuesday, December 1, 2015

The Brain Drain!

On November 22 at 5:30 p.m. Alpha Delta Epsilon and Pi Kappa Phi hosted ‘The Brain Drain’ a trivia competition to support the Literacy Volunteers of Rochester. The Literacy Volunteers of Rochester organization was founded in 1964, and trains volunteers to provide one-to-one or small group tutoring to functionally illiterate adults, or others lacking English language skills. They generally accept adults who read below a ninth grade reading level; among speakers of other languages, emphasis is placed on the newcomer whose need for English is urgent and whose level is low.

The event boasted thirteen teams with four rounds of funny questions, including ‘Elementary Science’, ‘Haunted Halls’, and ‘Crackers’. Teams like ‘Kicking Schist’ and ‘Otter Geniuses’ competed against ‘You’re a Quizzard, Harry’ and ‘The Tuition is TOO Damn High Party’. Several Greek Organizations – SMAC, AST, and Pi Kapp – also made teams to play. A total of $335 dollars was raised for LVR by the end of the night. The final round was played by AST’s ‘Pearls’ and PiKapps ‘The Angry Chickens’. Pearls wagered 511 of their 540 points, while The Angry Chickens wagered 509 of their 510; The Chickens got the question right, ending with a total of 1019 points, winning the game. The winning team took photos with the Golden Brain trophy and signed their names for all future winners to see.

ADE Service Co-Chair Meghan Barrett and Pi Kapp Skip Leonard headed the event organization, with Meghan creating the questions and serving as emcee and Skip serving as timekeeper. Caroline Smith served as judge for any questions throughout the event, and one of our newest member Maggie Francese kept score. CAS and CAS Impression catered the event. Theresa Gibbons and Sydney Klainberg helped as ‘alternates’ for teams short on members, and Erin McQuade – the loveliest historian you ever did see – took photos!

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Welcoming our new advisor: Kristen Gentry!

Alpha Delta Epsilon would like to offer a big welcome to our new advisor as of fall 2015, Professor Kristen Gentry! Professor Gentry is the Director of the Creative Writing Department and teaching classes such as: Fiction Writing, Creative Nonfiction Writing, Hip-hop Literature, Reading as a Writer, The Short Story Cycle, and an INTD course on Black Girlhood. Professor Gentry grew up in Kentucky and received her undergraduate degree in Communication (focus on journalism) from the University of Louisville before going to Indiana University – Bloomington to earn her MFA in Creative Writing (focus on fiction).

At University of Louisville, Gentry was a member of Alpha Omicron Pi. Like many of the current active in ADE, Gentry wasn’t “gung-ho” about Greek Life from the start. In her junior year, one of the sisters was in her web design class and approached her about going to an event; as the smallest sorority on campus at the time, they were on continuous recruitment. Gentry attended the event at her friend’s request and found that “all the sisters were really nice and really enthusiastic, they were eclectic in a way that I didn’t expect a sorority to be eclectic. They didn’t haze and seemed cool so I said ‘I could get down with this’” and joined.

Professor Gentry arrived at the college in 2007, and this is her first semester as the Director of the Department. ADE sibling Meghan Barrett brought Gentry up as a potential new advisor for ADE in the spring of 2015 when the search began because “I’d had her twice for Creative Non Fiction Workshop already, and was planning on taking the course a third time with her. I’ve always really respected her – she’s passionate, really smart in a thoughtful way, and non-judgmental. Her class has always been one of my favorites, and I’ve always thought she was really fun.” Meghan expressed that Gentry was also the kind of mentor that would push the organization to be thoughtful about choices related to cultural and social competency.  Meghan said that “She’s very aware of the world, and engaged with understanding pressing social issues of our time. As a writer and a teacher, she knows how to get you engaged too.”

When asked why she agreed to sign on as advisor of ADE, Gentry said that the organization came highly recommended by Dr. Greenfield and her previous acquaintances with ADE siblings. Speaking of her role as advisor she said “one of the things I’m interested in is empowering women and making sure that women are supporting one another; that they have a voice and that they’re taking advantage of the opportunities available to them.” She understands her role as advisor extending beyond just mentoring the individual siblings of ADE, to mentoring the whole of the sorority. She says “even with some of the problems of Greek Life, sororities can still be a powerful force on campus… for illustrating the power of women and what women can do.”

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Service Spotlight!

We are incredibly lucky to be a part of such a philanthropic organization. Our siblings go out of their way to give back to their community, their school, and to the world around them. That is why this week we would like to honor those who make it possible for us to participate in wonderful events such as Save the Wall, the Alzheimer's Walk, One Love, and the Malala Fund.

This semester our two Service Chairs are Caroline Smith and Meghan Barrett.

Caroline Smith (pictured on left with little, Chelsea Sader) is a senior Biology major with an Environmental Studies minor who has a passion for service and giving back to her community. Caroline pledged in Spring 2015 with the bAker's DozEn and has stepped up in a big way to contribute to sorority! She has been on top of her game with organizing service events since the end of last semester. We cannot wait to see what else she has in store for us!

Meghan Barrett (pictured on right with boyfriend, Alex Glica) is a senior Biology/Creative Writing double major with an Honors minor who has been at the service game for quite a while. Meghan pledged with the Spring 2013.5 Double or Nothing new member class. She always makes sure things run smoothly and that there are as few snags in a plan as possible! We always eagerly await her next plan!

In addition to our Service Chairs, we would like to recognize the rest of Service Committee that put so much effort into each and every service project we take part in. Service Committee is comprised of Theresa Gibbons, Tara Davidson, Rachel Jonasse, Kylie Mathis, Amy Stachowiak, and Katrina Galvin. Without their help, we would be nowhere!

This semester ADE has participated in events such as Geneseo's Save the Wall campaign (helping to rebuild the wall along the Wadsworth Homestead). It's hard work, but our members love this project and we try to do it multiple times ever year!

Another major event that was SIX MONTHS in the making was the One Love™ workshop presented by Tara Davidson and Kylie Mathis. One Love™ is a program that addresses the growing issue of relationship and domestic violence in the college age bracket. It was created in memory of Yeardley Reynolds Love whose untimely passing brought light upon victims who suffer voicelessly in the shadows of their abusive partners. Tara and Kylie did a wonderful job leading the discussion on such a sensitive subject.

October 24th was the Walk to End Alzheimer's. This project has particular sentimental value for many of our members, so we always make sure that it is near the top of our priority list. Alzheimer's is a debilitating progressive mental disease that affects memory function and can easily devastate a family's life. ADE would like to extend our thanks to the individuals who make this walk possible and put their time and effort into such a wonderful cause.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

AST/KS Volleyball Tournament

On October 4th, some of our awesome siblings competed in the volleyball tournament hosted by Alpha Sigma Tau and Kappa Sigma! We had two teams: I'd Hit That and Benny & The Sets. While we fought hard, both teams were sadly knocked out after the first games. It was still tons of fun and we would not have traded it for the world!

Special thank you to AST and Kappa Sig for putting on an awesome tournament for such a good cause! You guys rock!

OneLove at SUNY Geneseo

Join the siblings of ADE on Friday, October 23rd at 6:30pm in Newton 209 for the One Love workshop!

As many of us know, October is Domestic Violence Awareness month and we want to stand with all of the victims of relationship, dating, and domestic violence that have suffered in the dark for so long. Our siblings, Tara Davidson and Kylie Mathis, will be leading a guided discussion on dating violence.

The One Love Foundation, started in 2010, is dedicated to ending relationship violence by engaging young people through educational tools, including their Escalation workshop. The Escalation Workshop is 90 minutes long and consists of a 38 minute film followed by a guided discussion geared towards helping students understand relationship violence and the warning signs of abuse, while also promoting healthy relationships. The workshop is being rolled out at campuses across the nation, and ADE is excited to partner with One Love to bring the workshops to SUNY Geneseo.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Spring 2015 New Member Class: The bAker's DozEn!

ADE is pleased to present the new member class of Spring 2015, the bAker's DozEn! Our 13 new baby hooters are: Tara Davidson, Casey Hoffman, Rachel Jonasse, Sydney Klainberg, Nicole Lamberson, Kirsten Lomnitzer, Alaina Maiorano, Kylie Mathis, Hannah McCann, Erin McQuade, Caroline Smith, Mara Solomon, and Amy Stachowiak. They would like to thank their New Member Educator (NME), Meghan Barrett, and their Assistant NME, Kelly Cooke, for all of their help and guidance during the wonderful education period! Congrats, everyone!