Saturday, October 24, 2015

Service Spotlight!

We are incredibly lucky to be a part of such a philanthropic organization. Our siblings go out of their way to give back to their community, their school, and to the world around them. That is why this week we would like to honor those who make it possible for us to participate in wonderful events such as Save the Wall, the Alzheimer's Walk, One Love, and the Malala Fund.

This semester our two Service Chairs are Caroline Smith and Meghan Barrett.

Caroline Smith (pictured on left with little, Chelsea Sader) is a senior Biology major with an Environmental Studies minor who has a passion for service and giving back to her community. Caroline pledged in Spring 2015 with the bAker's DozEn and has stepped up in a big way to contribute to sorority! She has been on top of her game with organizing service events since the end of last semester. We cannot wait to see what else she has in store for us!

Meghan Barrett (pictured on right with boyfriend, Alex Glica) is a senior Biology/Creative Writing double major with an Honors minor who has been at the service game for quite a while. Meghan pledged with the Spring 2013.5 Double or Nothing new member class. She always makes sure things run smoothly and that there are as few snags in a plan as possible! We always eagerly await her next plan!

In addition to our Service Chairs, we would like to recognize the rest of Service Committee that put so much effort into each and every service project we take part in. Service Committee is comprised of Theresa Gibbons, Tara Davidson, Rachel Jonasse, Kylie Mathis, Amy Stachowiak, and Katrina Galvin. Without their help, we would be nowhere!

This semester ADE has participated in events such as Geneseo's Save the Wall campaign (helping to rebuild the wall along the Wadsworth Homestead). It's hard work, but our members love this project and we try to do it multiple times ever year!

Another major event that was SIX MONTHS in the making was the One Love™ workshop presented by Tara Davidson and Kylie Mathis. One Love™ is a program that addresses the growing issue of relationship and domestic violence in the college age bracket. It was created in memory of Yeardley Reynolds Love whose untimely passing brought light upon victims who suffer voicelessly in the shadows of their abusive partners. Tara and Kylie did a wonderful job leading the discussion on such a sensitive subject.

October 24th was the Walk to End Alzheimer's. This project has particular sentimental value for many of our members, so we always make sure that it is near the top of our priority list. Alzheimer's is a debilitating progressive mental disease that affects memory function and can easily devastate a family's life. ADE would like to extend our thanks to the individuals who make this walk possible and put their time and effort into such a wonderful cause.

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