Tuesday, November 29, 2016

What's Going On In Alpha Delta Epsilon?

Whew, it's been quite a year! Since our last post, we have gained 24 new members (or, as we like to call them, baby hooties)! Though it's long overdue, we'd like to officially welcome the three newest classes:

cAnDy shoppE - Fall 2015

New Member Educator: Kelly Cooke
Assistant NME: Casey Hoffman
Candace Pedraza
Cassie McCormick
Chloe Oktay
Tanairi Taylor
Chelsea Sader
Maggie Francese

diADEm - Spring 2016
New Member Educator: Kelly Cooke
Assistant NME: Amy Stachowiak
Kamra Phillips
Courtney King
Courtney Cavallo
Emily Seidner
Emmett Zand-Halstuch
Carly Richardson
Katie MacConnell
Claire Sigal
Dana Fiel
Julia Kinel
Megan Salonites Grant
Valerie Lamberson
Suchetha Wakwella

Hot Mess - Fall 2016

New Member Educator: Samantha Sears
Assistant NME: Chelsea Sader
Jasmine Weed
Katie Corcoran
Chloe Ladias
Maggie King
Zoanne Gebhard

We're so glad to have all of these incredibly unique and intelligent individuals in our siblinghood!

Speaking of Siblinghood...

This summer we celebrated our 130th anniversary! Siblings from all over came back to our new house at 32 North Street for the reunion celebrations. (surprise! We moved! We have grown so large that our old home next door at 34 North could no longer accommodate us and our rambunctious get-togethers!). The weekend was full of festivities, including an Open House, a Champagne Brunch (where alumni superstar Lynn Colbert Kandrac was inducted into the Greek Hall of Fame!!!), the ADE board meeting, a Greek-Wide Block Party, a barbecue, and a farewell brunch. In addition, a bunch of alumni and active alike painted the Greek Tree, in traditional ADE fashion! So much history from older generations was passed down through songs and stories.

According to Sydney Klainberg, current ADE president, 

"I wish all of Active was there! It's so easy to get into the mindset that there's a large alumni-active divide, even though we know logically that isn't true. But meeting them and actually talking to them was incredibly helpful in breaking that barrier. We focused a lot on building bonds and easing tensions. Also, the alumni managed to . . . paint the Statesmen risers . . . so we officially have painted risers, for which I owe all my gratitude, because they managed to accomplish my big goal for me that I was foiled from doing." 

Go alumni!!!

And One More Big Thing!

We're not big on bragging, but hey - we've earned bragging rights!

Last semester, we earned the title of Outstanding Greek Organization, an accolade that came shortly after our very own recent alumna, Meghan Barrett, earned the title of Outstanding Sorority Woman!

We'd also like to congratulate Meghan on her recent engagement to her fiance, Alex Glica! The siblings of ADE wish you all the best for years to come.

...And that's what you missed on Glee!

We'll be back ASAP with updates, including an updated Meet and Greet page!

Love & Filia