About ADE

A Brief History

  • Alpha Delta Epsilon derives its beginnings from the Alpha Delta fraternity. In 1901, the Epsilon chapter arrived on campus.
  • In 1954, ADE broke ties with AD fraternity and has since been a local sorority. There are three other chapters at other college campuses.
  • The original ADE house was at 28 Wadsworth Street, where Newton Lecture Hall currently stands, and was known as 'The Brick Tower'.
  • In 2003, our then-adviser Tom Greenfield (of the English Department) wrote and dedicated the song 'I Look Good in Purple' to ADE.

More Information

  • Our colors are purple and white and our mascot is the owl.
  • Our current adviser is Kristen Gentry, Professor of Creative Writing
  • ADE has a strict non-hazing pledge program (seriously, though - ask any of the siblings).
  • The organization prides itself on its commitment to acceptance and empathy, as well as its ability to take part in a wide variety of on-campus and community-based philanthropy projects. 
  • Our Alumni are super-active, and come back every year for Bids, Crossing, Spring Weekend, Formal, and other events. We even have alumni (and an adviser) in the Greek Hall of Fame!

Where We're Located

The current house is at 32 North Street!

Our alumni, however, are located all over the country, and all over the world - we have siblings teaching in Japan, working in London, and engaging in philanthropic activities in Peru. ADE graduates a wide variety of individuals looking to participate in the development of people all across the globe, starting right here in Geneseo! 

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