Recruitment Spring 2016

Come earn your letters with us!

Round Robin - January 30th @ 12:00PM in Newton 202
Come and see some of our siblings talk about why they joined ADE in a short and fun presentation!

Pawsitive Thoughts Only - January 30th @ 5:00-7:00PM in Sturges 208A
Help us make toys for a local cat shelter while you meet the rest of the siblings and learn more about our organization!

Cookie DecorADEing - February 1st @ 4:00-6:00PM at 34 North Street
Visit our humble abode and decorate- or eat -some cookies with us! 

'S No Men Needed - February 3rd @ 5:00-7:00PM in Union 322/323
Craft a cute little sock snowperson to keep you company as you get to know the siblings of ADE better!

Formal (Invite Only) - February 6th @ 7:00-9:00PM

House Cup - February 9th @ 7:00-9:00PM at 34 North Street
Let the games begin! Come play some classic board games and eat snacks with the siblings!

Need a ride? We'll pick you up!
Call or text (516)353-5869 and a sibling will pick you up. 

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