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Sydney Klainberg is in her second year as a Psychology major with a theatre minor. Sydney was a part of the Spring 2015 bAkers' DozEn new member class. This semester, Sydney will be a Pillar Advocate and is happy to answer any questions about LGBTQ* and ally Greek life. She is also in the process of getting trained to be a Safe Zone Trainer and will proudly serve ADE as Recruitment Chair. In her spare time, she enjoys hanging out with friends, anything involving theatre, cooking, crafting, and drinking coffee. Lots of coffee. Contact Sydney via Facebook message and add her as a friend (Sydney Klainberg) or her email,

Theresa Gibbons is a junior Communication major and History minor. She pledged in spring 2014 with the hoArDE and is the current Vice President. When she's not trying to become the next Jackie O, you can find her looking for free food and obsessing over color coordination. Feel free to contact her at


Kelly Cooke (on right, with little, Amy) is a junior Psychology major with an Anthropology minor, and is from Long Island. She joined in spring 2014 with the hoArDE, and is New Member Educator for Spring 2016! Kelly loves horror movies, combat boots, The Daily Show, the color green, Renaissance faires, coffee, and her ADE siblings. She is vegan and a Gryffindor. You can find her in Bailey, at Starbucks, or on Facebook to talk some more!

Meghan Barrett (pictured up top with her littles) is in her senior year as a Biology-Creative Writing double major with an Honors minor. Meghan was a part of the Spring 2013.5 class "Double or Nothing" with Sami and Leila. This semester she is involved as an Office of Sustainability Intern. She currently holds the positions of President and House President in the sorority. She enjoys creative writing, singing (classically trained), long distance running, playing the piano, crocheting, and especially working on antique cars. Meghan hopes to get her PhD in Biology after graduating this spring, and to continue working for a few of her writing contacts- you can look for her gamebook app to come out in March, with a book following sometime in the Fall of 2016! You can contact her at, or find her on Facebook/Twitter (@Abiogenesister), to ask Qs!

Amy Stachowiak (on left, pictured with her big, Kelly and owl, Drunkus) is in her sophomore year with a major in Anthropology and a minor in Environmental Studies and Biology. Amy pledged as a part of the Spring 2015 class, the bAkers DozEn, and currently holds the positions Assistant New Member Educator and Siblinghood Chair. She loves animals (especially cats), shitposting, playing rugby, and listening to quality jams. She is very eco-friendly and would like to remind you to recycle. You can contact her by email (, find her on Facebook (Amelia Stachowiak) or yell out her name if you see her around campus.

Rachel Jonasse is in her sophomore year as a Chemistry major. Rachel was a part of the Spring 2015 bAker’s DozEn class. This semester she holds the position of Co-Service Chair. Rachel enjoys going hiking and making bracelets. You can contact Rachel on Facebook (Rachel Jonasse), via email (, or through text (585-490-3030).

Kylie Mathis (pictured on top with her pledge wife, Casey) is a sophomore Childhood with Special Education major with a concentration in Women’s Studies. She pledged Spring 2015 with the rest of the bAker’s DozEn, and currently holds the positions of Publicity Chair, Co-Service Chair, and Assistant Web Designer. When she isn’t engaged in feminist debates or taking pictures of her hedgehog Wirt, she’s probably writing/reading fanfiction for Gravity Falls or hanging out with Casey. Feel free to contact her anytime by email at or on Facebook!

Casey Hoffman (on right, pictured with pledge wife, Kylie) is a sophomore Geology major with an Environmental Studies minor. She pledged ADE with the Spring 2015 bAker’s DozEn class. When she is not working she enjoys reading and listening to music, and currently holds the position of Recording Secretary. Find her on Facebook or contact her at
Maggie Francese (pictured with the horse Spaceman Spiff), a International Relations and French double major and Sociology minor, joined ADE in the Fall 2015 with the cAnDy shoppE new member class. Within sorority, she is the Alumni Correspondence Secretary, is on service committee, and is on the recruitment committee for the Spring 2015 semester. Outside of sorority, she is a caller for Phonathon and the Underclassmen Co-Chair of the Make Your Mark Student Giving Challenge. When she isn't yelling in her suite for her pledge wife Candace, Maggie likes to go to the gym, cook, read and knit. She can be reached on Facebook, at the email or if you see her on campus you can also just yell at her until she turns around.

Samantha Sears is a junior Math major with Psychology and Women's Studies minors. Mantha was a part of the hoArDE in Spring 2014. Mantha will be working with Wendi Kinney this year on the Chapter of Excellence program. She also can be seen shelving books in the basement of Milne. She holds the Treasurer, Academic Chair and Chaplain positions for the year. When not participating in sorority related activities, Mantha likes to read and watch shows like Marvel's Agents of Shield and Masterpiece Theater's Polldark. If you have any questions, or if you just want to nerd out over anything, you can contact Mantha over email (sss9), Twitter (@sam_Mantha_Love), Facebook, tumblr (thisonehastoomuchtodo) or Instagram (@mantha_ade_23).

Leila Bocanegra is a senior double majoring in International Relations and Philosophy with a minor in Women/Gender Studies. During pledging, her nickname was Qu€€n and she was part of the Double or Nothing pledge class. This year she is working at Crickets coffee company on Main Street. She is also participating in Model UN and Currently Known As, the improv troop. This year Leila is serving as the Web Designer and Assistant Service Chair for sorority. When not busy with work, schoolwork, or awesome sorority activities, she’s usually watching Anime or reading Manga and comic books or cooking some awesome food and desserts. If you have any questions for in regards to sorority or school, send her a message on Facebook (Leila Cas Ramos) or an email at!

Tara Davidson (pictured left with her little Maggie) is a senior Psychology major and Sociology minor.  She pledged Spring 2015 (never too late!), with the rest of the utterly amazing bAker’s DozEn, and currently holds the positions of Critic & Teller/Sargent at Arms and is on the Service Committee (Specially the One Love mini).  When not working on the Chowhound (the bane of her existence), she can be found in Starbucks, dancing all over campus, hardcore crafting or yelling at Nicole and Carrie, the other beautiful members of her pledge threesome, from multiple floors of their townhouse. Contact her anytime through email at or on Facebook!


Erin McQuade is in her sophomore year as an Early Childhood/Childhood Education major with a concentration in Human Development. She is from Rocky Point, NY. She is involved in the Colleges against Cancer Society. She is a part of the Spring 2015 new member class, the 'bAker's DozEn' and this semester’s Historian.  She plans on either teaching in a kindergarten class or continuing her education to become a pediatric occupational therapist. In her free time, Erin enjoys singing, reading, and hanging out with her friends. Her favorite food is macaroni and cheese, and she loves everything musical-related. She is so excited to make so many amazing memories!

Katrina Galvin (you can call her Kat!) is (bittersweetly) in her Senior year as a Psychology major with a Human Development minor. Kat joined with the Spring 2014 new member class, the hoArDE. This semester, you can find her making hella good lattes and smoothies at Letchworth, lurking in the bowels of Bailey doing research for Dr. DeHart, or somewhere else in Bailey with her fellow Pathways peer advocates. This semester, Kat is ADE's web designer. When she's not with her siblings, she enjoys playing with [read: crying over] small animals, attempting Pinterest DIYs and Tasty recipes, adventuring outdoors, geeking out over comic book characters [read: she will fight you if you say Harley Quinn is anything but the best], and binge-watching Netflix. Feel free to enable her social media addiction! You can contact her on: Facebook, Twitter (@Kattaccino), or email (! 

Nicole Lamberson (on the left with little Cassie) is a senior Childhood with Special Education major with a concentration in Theatre! She pledged with the bAker's DozEn in Spring 2015 and is super excited to be serving as Assistant Recruitment Chair this semester! When she is not at Bhangra practice or doing service with APO, you can probably find her buried in a book, hanging out in the union, or even dancing on any surface she can get to (including tables; nothing can stop her). You can contact her anytime on twitter at nicolelamb_xo, Facebook, or by email at!

Candace Pedraza is a sophomore Communication major on the Journalism and Media track with a Sociology minor. Outside of sorority, she is involved in the Geneseo Pride Alliance as well as the sports department of WGSU, Geneseo's radio station, and is also involved in the Fencing Club on campus. She pledged in Fall 2015 with the CAnDy ShoppE, and will be holding the position of Assistant Alumni Correspondence Secretary and helping her lovely pledge wife, Maggie. Her hobbies include eating a variety of pizzas, writing, and talking about sports forever. You can usually contact her through Facebook or through email at

Mel Yanar (right with twin Kelly) is a junior Chemistry and Secondary Education major who pledged in Spring 2014 as part of the hoArDE. Mel is currently Assistant Siblinghood Chair for sorority, as well as a hooker and Vice President for the Geneseo Women's Rugby team. When not on the field, Mel can be found hanging out with best friends, Kelly and Amy, around campus. Feel free to send a message to or Facebook if you want to get in touch!

 Tanairi Taylor joined Fall '15 and is part of cAnDy shoppE and a member of our service committee. She is a sophomore Geology major, Environmental Studies (and unofficial Women's Studies) minor. Outside of sorority, she is on the WAC executive board as the ACE representative and her more vanilla hobbies involve crocheting, acquiring a large music library, and crying over her inability to nourish basil plants properly. She can be contacted in person when you see her around campus because her phone reminds her of her responsibilities.

Chelsea Sader is a psychology major and a sophomore.  Outside of sorority, she was involved in Orchesis and GODA during the fall semester. As of now she has not held any positions within sorority, but this semester she is on the service committee!  She enjoys doing karate, reading, knitting, and spending time with friends and family.  ADE was privileged to have her join in Fall 2015 with the CAnDyy ShoppE. You can contact her at (716) 378-6622 or by email at 

Cassie McCormick (right, with Big, Nicole) is a Junior Psychology major with a minor in English. She pledged with the cAnDy shoppE in Fall 2015. Outside of ADE, Cassie can be found studying in Bailey, or dancing the stress off on any handy elevated surfaces!! You can contact her anytime on Facebook or by email at! 

Chloe Oktay  is a junior Psychology major with a minor in Cognitive Science. She joined in the Fall of 2015 with the cAnDy shoppE! She is the IGC rep for sorority, part of Dr. Allen's research lab, and a member of the Gajjda Bhangra team! She loves anything to do with the brain, coffee, yoga, hiking, and dogs! You can find her in the dance studio in Schrader, Bailey, or in Putnam! You can contact her through email (, or add her on Facebook (Chloe James)!

Hannah McCann is in her sophomore year as an Early Childhood-Childhood Education major with a concentration in Human Development and a minor in Psychology. Hannah pledged as part of the Spring 2015 class, the bAkers DozEn, with the largest pledge class for Alpha Delta Epsilon in over a decade. She loves summertime, makeup, and her eyebrow game is hella strong. Hannah also enjoys singing loudly (and poorly) to any song on the radio and relaxing with her friends, and making people laugh with her own ridiculous laugh. You can contact her by email (, find her on Facebook (Hannah Lyn), or follow her on Twitter (@hmccann16) or flag her down if you see her around campus!

Rachel Wilcove is in her junior year as a double major in Political Science and Sociology. Rachel was the sole member of the Fall 2014 pledge class, Short n' Sweet. This past semester she studied abroad in the Netherlands at the University of Groningen! Besides sorority, she is actively involved in Geneseo's Mock Trial team, and has also been a part of Hillel and Phi Alpha Delta. Rachel also loves hanging out with her ADE family, food (both making and eating it, especially if it's baked goods), and Netflix. Feel free to contact her through email or Facebook! 

Kirsten Lomnitzer is a second year Geology major. She pledged with bAker’s DozEn in Spring 2015. When she hasn't dropped off the face of the planet communication wise (also know as returning to her home in the Adirondack Park), she enjoys hanging out in Milne, reading fanfiction and looking at pretty rocks. Kirsten can be a rather difficult person to contact but you can get a hold of her by Facebook messaging her, emailing or  by physically tracking her down (something I wish you the best of luck in).

Mara Solomon is a sophomore Philosophy major who spends her time contemplating the mysteries of the universe, and if she should minor in German. She joined ADE as a part of the bAkers DozEn new member class in the spring of 2015. Mara plays the cello and has traveled abroad numerous times. This summer, while taking Humn II, she will fulfill her lifelong dream of going to Germany. Mara also enjoys music, attending concerts, reading, baking, hiking, sports, and trying new and different activities. You can contact her via Facebook @ Mara Invincible, or by

Michelle Cooman is a junior Elementary Special Education major with a concentration in Technical Theatre. Michelle was a part of the Spring 2014 hoArDE. She will be stage managing "The Forced Marriage", as well as working in the scene shop as a TA and working as a charge painter for the theatre and dance department.  You can contact Michelle with any questions you have by Facebook or email. Search her on Facebook at Michelle Cooman or email her at 
Kayla Brock is an NYC native in her senior year as an International Relations major with a concentration in War and Peace studies and Political Science minor. Kayla is a part of the Spring 2014 new member class, the hoArDE. In sorority, Kayla is serving as the Treasurer. Outside of sorority, she is part of the Women's Rugby team and is the Academic Chair for the Pre-Law Co-ed fraternity, Phi Alpha Delta. She enjoys listening to music, watching HGTV, and attempting to design floorplans online like she's a pro. You can follow her on: Instagram (@truly_fifty_shades), Snapchat (@muahitskay), or find her on Facebook (@Kayla Brock).

Alaina Maiorano is a senior Psychology major with a Business Studies minor. She was a part of the Spring 2015 new member class, the bAker’s DozEn. When not in the library reading about weird things in Psychology, Alaina likes to listen to music, watch Netflix, and hang out with her wonderful sorority siblings. If you have any questions or want to talk, you can contact her at, or on Facebook!

Caroline Smith is in her senior year as a biology major with an environmental studies minor. Caroline was part of the bAker’s DozEn new member class in the spring of 2015. This semester Caroline will be teaching a workshop, through SUNY Geneseo’s Gold Workshops program, on the environmental and sustainability issues associated with factory farming and some possible solutions. Caroline is also planning on joining the Geneseo Environmental Organization. Last semester, Caroline served as Co-Service Chair along with Meghan Barrett. Caroline enjoys playing volleyball, horseback riding, camping, kayaking, and baking. She can be contacted via email at

Melissa Felder is a senior International Relations major with a concentration in War and Peace Studies and a minor in Math. She was the only pledge in the pledge class aptly named WOOOOO!!! in Fall 2013 and is the current Recording Secretary of ADE. She enjoys long walks on the beach, spending long nights in the library or at Denny’s with Leila and other night dwellers, scrapbooking, Netflix, and thinking about how cute whales are. If you also would like to discuss in depth the cuteness factor of whales or fangirl about Supernatural, you can contact her by email at or message her anytime on Facebook :)

Samantha Stern (pictured here with her amazing little Candace) is a Psychology major and Film Studies minor. She made the whirlwind decision to pledge her first semester on campus and never looked back. She is a member of the Spring 2013.5 pledge class, 'Double or Nothing', along with Meghan and Leila. Her twin is Rachel Wilcove and she couldn't be happier to have her back on campus. Sami loves Harry Potter and fondly remembers the time Percy Weasley complimented her outfit. She has first hand knowledge of the dialogue box that pops up if you spend too long watching Netflix. She spends her free time looking at pictures of puppies, watching movie trailers, writing short stories no one will ever see, and crying over fictional characters. You can attempt to reach her on Facebook but you may be better off emailing her at


Samantha Eckes (on right) is a senior Geology major and is Vice President of Geology Club. She pledged Spring 2014. She likes crocheting and playing with her cat Penelope. You can usually find her in the basement of the ISC doing research, listening to country music and talking to rocks. Contact her at or on Facebook at Samantha Waverley.

Olivia Smith is in her senior year as a Psychology major and Sociology minor. Olivia was a part of The ADorablEs in Spring 2013 with her pledge sisters Natasha Rodriguez and Rachel Prell. This semester she is continuing to work over at Southside, so feel free to stop by and say hi! She will also be a TA for Dr. Eisenberg's Introduction to Sociology class. In addition, she will also be working at Payless. Outside of sorority, she can be found working (and singing along loudly to Alternative Buffalo) at Southside, studying in Bailey or Milne Library, or may not be found because she is busy feeding her Netflix addiction. You can get in touch with her through email (, on Twitter (@livsmith211), or on Facebook (Olivia Smith). She’s around to chat anytime!

Nick Lancer is a senior Political Science major with a Math minor. He joined Spring 2015 in his own class, "The North St Saints." You can find him in the back of the house working on his computer, or on whatever crazy shenanigans people have dragged him into. Contact him during business hours (anytime past noon) via email at or via Facebook. Disclaimer: Yes, this is a cis male, but don't worry, he just works here.

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