Why Go Greek?

Why Go Greek?

The Geneseo website offers this informative page regarding the unanimous values of Greek Organizations on campus - Leadership, Scholarship, Community Service, Campus Involvement, and Friendship. The siblings of ADE believe strongly in these core tenants though we trade friendship for the stronger bond of Siblinghood. While we believe every Greek Organization on campus is filled with integrious and enthusiastic individuals of strong character with great moral fortitude, we also feel that ADE offers a uniquely holistic experience encompassing all of the positive aspects of Greek Life in balance.


The siblings of ADE are, first and foremost, leaders. We have members who are Stage Managers, Technical Directors, and Lighting Designers,as well as GOLD Leader Mentors with awards under their belts. We have siblings leading classrooms of their peers as Undergraduate Laboratory Instructors and TAs. We have a sibling who has won the SA Merit Scholarship for Leadership, and a sibling who connects regularly with the Women President's Organization in Rochester, NY. Our alumni and active members are independent, strong, capable individuals - and nothing proves this more than our incredible capacity to lead in all areas of our lives. 


We currently have active members in the Phi Eta Sigma Honor Society, Golden Key International Honor Society, Biological and Geological Honor Societies, Edgar Fellows Honors Program, and as Scholar in Residence award winners. Siblings have won national scholarships for their tuition from organizations as unexpected as the Model A Ford Club of America, the Promotional Products Education Foundation, or the Princeton Prize in Race Relations, showcasing the diverse interests and talents of ADE members. Our majors range from Biology to Theater to Math to Creative Writing, and our siblings tutor a variety of subjects like Psychology, English, Biology, Math, and Chemistry. Many of our siblings are double majors in diverse subjects - we have a Biology-Creative Writing pairing and an Economics-International Relations pairing among others. We have siblings who work as Technical Theater TAs. Members are offered study hours that can be used to assist one another in different academic areas. 

"Scholarship is important - it's why we're all here," one current active said, "I personally believe in the diversity of education - in expanding my limited knowledge of a variety of subjects - which is why I'm a double major here. Being in ADE and being surrounded by some very studious individuals as they take their GREs and consider grad school has undoubtedly helped me focus on my academics and what I want to do with my life. Plus, having older students to guide me, academically, has been a big help."

Community Service

The siblings of ADE have a wide variety of passions - from members who volunteer at Hearthside Cats in Avon, to those who sponsor children in other countries, to those who shave their heads for victims of cancer. Going the extra mile for others is important to the siblings of ADE. This isn't new, either - members of ADE have always had the charitable streak. One of our more recent alumni currently lives in Peru where she founded and directs a nonprofit known as AbrePuertas, a community education center that hosts after-school programming for children and adolescents. 

Every year ADE siblings hold several fundraisers for Relay for Life, as well as other charities such as the American Red Cross or The Malala Fund. This past year siblings alsoparticipated in Knight's First Day of Service, Save the Wall,  Geneseo Cares, the Teddy Bear Toss, and the Alzheimer's Walk. Siblings have also participated in Diabetes Walks and other charitable runs in the Rochester Area, and one of our siblings has donated her hair to Locks of Love four times. Our official sorority philanthropy as of 2014 is The Malala Fund because of our commitment to women's educational rights.

According to one sibling, "Giving back to the local community, and the global community, is really important to ADE active and alumni. Their energy and enthusiasm is contagious - don't get me wrong, I love doing service all on my own. But with these individuals - my siblings and my friends - it's so much fun, I never want it to end."

Campus Involvement

Our siblings are involved all over campus - sports, clubs, musicals, and troupes.We're behind the scenes and in the spotlight. We have siblings everywhere because ADE members are interested in a variety of things. We have siblings in Geology Club, on the Rugby team, active in the GOLD program as Leader Mentors, participating in HvZ, in Pride, and in several of the choirs.

"Being in ADE is a time commitment, for sure. But my siblings are there to help take a lot off my plate when busy season hits. I know I can count on them to help keep me afloat when the going gets tough," says one active, "and being in a sorority has helped me be social and meet a lot of new people, so I've been getting involved in a lot more activities on campus than I would have otherwise."


Siblinghood is arguably one of the most important aspects of sorority - you can learn to lead, get good grades, and be involved in the community and on campus all by yourself. But siblinghood is why you go Greek.

What is siblinghood?
"Siblinghood is being unconditionally accepted," one current active said. "It's knowing that they've always got my back and I can count on them for anything. I can talk to them about anything. And I know that, even twenty years down the road, they'll still be there for me if I need them. Siblinghood is always being accepted, supported, and loved."

Here at ADE, we pride ourselves on being a close-knit community. Every semester we hold several sibling-only events in order to build intra-sorority relations. The largest part of our new member education is having each new member take the time to really get to know their future siblings by sitting down and having a one-on-one low-key chat. While we each have our own independent positions, there are a number of committees and assistant positions that encourage collaboration between siblings. Needless to say, communication and compromise are some of our best friends. Come rush ADE and see what siblinghood can mean for you!

Do you see yourself in the picture for 2016? Check out our Recruitment Events to come get to know us - or ask us about them at ade@geneseo.edu!

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